Karuna Reiki Level 1, 11, Master

Karuna Reiki®
Insight Out Reiki Training Center also offers attunements in Karuna Reiki® to current Master or Master Teacher Practitioners.

Karuna Reiki® is a healing energy that can help us experience a level of Divine consciousness where we can access our limitless potential for compassion, creative inspiration, and our soul's wisdom.

In Level l you will learn how to:

In Level ll you will learn how to:

Although it is not mandatory, we do recommend that all interested students schedule at least one full Reiki session prior to taking any Usui or Karuna Reiki® Level I class. It is important to establish a rapport with your Reiki Teacher who will act as your Sensei throughout all of your courses with the Insight Out Reiki Training Center. Linda will be available to consistently assist you with your personal and spiritual growth into the gentle and powerful realm of the Reiki Energy. With Pure Divine Love, Linda has accepted her responsibility as a dynamic teacher to serve her life purpose through this beautiful ancient healing art.

Karuna Reiki® Level l & ll Class - dates TBA