The Midwest Reiki Convergence


~ A Convergence of the Heart ~


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Awaken your Courage ~ Enliven your Heart ~ Remember your Joy



What: A Gathering of Conscious People Creating Conscious Community   

Why: To Activate the Power of Love

Who: Everyone who is called to be part of the Emerging New World



A Weekend Retreat for Sacred Ceremony & Spiritual Empowerment

Why: To 'Converge' from Everywhere ~ to Remember that We Are One!

Dates and Location TBA

There are many energies circulating the world right now, and we are caught between the ages of what has been and what we are all destined to create RIGHT NOW to insure that there is a resilient future. We are being asked to move beyond ego's greed, fear, control and ultimate violence to examine a world in which we might shift our consciousness to cooperation, generosity, love, openness, honesty, respect, living sustainably on Mother Earth, and ultimate Peace.

What is pulling humanity toward a greater need to connect with one another?

How can we anchor the hope and love of a unified conscious community?

What if there was a large scale electrical outage for an indefinite period of time....for whatever reason....and there were no avenues of communication open to anyone? No cell phones, no computers, no websites, no emails, Facebook conversations, Tweets, Skype calls, radio, or TV? No way to drive your car, no lights, no refridgeration....

What if we suddenly found ourselves alone, feeling isolated... not being able to reach our family, friends, or loved ones?

Would you be able to stand unafraid? Would you KNOW without a doubt that you were safe and connected to an entire community of like minded friends? A community of people who knew they could communicate with a different kind of 'energy'?

What if you knew how to use this 'other kind of energy'?....the energy of the HEART.

This summer, we will celebrate the 5th year of planetary peacemakers converging strengthen our Light and activate the Love that will anchor our Oneness Consciousness.

Whatever comes during this pivotal year of transformation, The Midwest Reiki Convergence of the Heart will empower our abilities to communicate through the Connected Heart of Love. You will KNOW that you are NEVER ALONE, no matter what transpires.

Change is always happening. How we cope with change is what determines our ability to live happy and healthy lives. When we resist or struggle with inevitable change, we may become bitter, hard, resentful, angry, or afraid, which only increases our suffering. The energy of the Heart reconnects us to our Truth and allows us to relax into the evolution of Life.


We hope YOU will be a co-creator of the growing community of Love at The Midwest Reiki Convergence 2012!

We need each other during these transformative times to remind ourselves of the unlimited Goodness Within. We need to take specific mindful time to remember our sense of Oneness. We need to take time to reconnect with Spirit and Nature, so our minds can be clear again and we can remember our Purpose. Our collective support will help each of us end our confusion and learn to trust our own Intuition.

We are here to birth the new world of Love into Being. Wherever you live, my prayer is for you to actively engage in sacred ceremony and celebration in your own spiritual communities. I encourage you to encourage others! As conscious and caring people, we have ignited our inner Light, strengthened our intuition, and allowed magical transformations for our personal and collective 'new way of Being'. Now it is time to anchor the reality and power of our ability to LOVE, which happens within a Conscious Community.

One person at a time, at The Midwest Reiki Convergence, we are building a supportive community of respect and encouragement for one another and the planet we call Home, while honoring our diversity and unique qualities.

If you feel drawn to be part of this collective renewal of spirit, we hope you'll consider Converging with other kindred souls, at the Midwest Reiki Convergence. The true energy of our future depends on ALL of us, working together CONSCIOUSLY in harmony and peace.





* Please note:

   You do NOT have to be a Reiki Practitioner to be part of the Convergence.  It is open to everyone!





     2007: We Gathered as Planetary Peacemakers


2008: We Released our Fears & Felt the Freedom



           2009: We Crossed the Bridge of Transformation ~ from Affirmation to Manifestation



             2010: We Ignited Our Light, made personal Declarations, and Strengthened our Visions for a New Humanity


                  2011: We Awakened within the Heart of Love - in our own homes and communities



           2012: We will ANCHOR the Energy of Love in a Consciousness of Oneness ~ A Convergence of the Heart



2013: Something new has emerged! The Co-Creators Convergence ~ nurturing the Newborn of Generation One...which is EVERYONE on the planet. Moving from Me to WE as ONE.





* Please note:

   You do NOT have to be a 'past participant' of the Midwest Reiki Convergence to be part of a new Convergence. 









Converge to fall back in love with Mother Nature.

Converge to fall back in love with Yourself.

Converge to fall back in love with Humanity.

Converge to fall back in love with Love.

Converge: 1. come together as if to meet or join. 2. tend to meet at a point.

3. approach from different directions.

Come or go together, meet, join, unite, merge, coincide.


In the Heartland, at the Midwest Reiki Convergence,

we will connect in the Heart of Love and remember our Joy!

We will converge our own loving heart with our brain/mind.

We will converge our mindful heart with other connected mind/hearts.

We will converge our caring heart with the heart of Mother Earth.

We will converge our grounded, courageous heart with the global heart.

We will converge our tender global heart with the Universal heart.

We will converge our compassionate Universal heart with the Cosmic Spiritual heart.

We will converge our conscious Cosmic heart with the Heart of Oneness.

We will immerse our Consciousness within the Heart of One Love.

It all starts with one person at a time.

Let the Convergence begin with YOU.


Awaken your Courage ~ Enliven your Heart ~ Remember your Joy








The Vision of The Midwest Reiki Convergence:

Honoring Mother Earth

We acknowledge that everything is possible in an abundant, unconditionally loving Universe. We empower and integrate our HIGHER SELF into our personality, with our Intention, Compassion, and Understanding of our Soul Purpose.

We invite the ancient wisdom from Mother Earth and Father Sky to teach us how to Live with Purpose and Passion for our evolving Humanity.

We move through 3 days with sacred ceremonies using the 4 elements, and 4 bio-bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) to help us connect back to the heart of our Truth.


We step back in reverence for our precious planet and respect for our ancestors’ ways. We also remember that we were birthed from the stars, and connect to the Cosmic origins of our Spiritual Consciousness.

We enter into the Simplicity of each moment,  and co-create our days with Inner Guidance, mutual respect, love and laughter.






Live a sustainable lifestyle....stay on a Path that practices love and respect for all life.

Be mindful of how you treat Mother Earth, yourself, and one another.