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If you are new to the WWCircle, please contact Linda


With all of the many challenges facing humanity and our Mother Earth, women can, are, and must be the vehicles for which the Loving Power Within can express itself in every way.  Please join our growing sisterhood.


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The Women's Wisdom Circle 2014


The WWC will gather at Insight Out's home sanctuary in Schererville, IN

6:30 pm- 9:00 pm.

$10-$20 love offering per Circle

Change happens one person at a time. Women are the future of our planet's sanity and survival. All women, all ages 14 & up, are welcome. Please contact linda@insightout-healing.com if you are interested in taking part in the Women's Wisdom Circle. Newcomers are welcome.


Our personal growth is emphasized to first fill ourselves. When we are centered in our spiritual strength, we are then able to take our healthy Self into the greater community to create positive change as decided by the collective group.

Here is what some of our sisters are saying about The WWCircle:


"It has been an honor to be in the women's wisdom circle for the past 10 years. It has been such a significant part of my journey to evolve, transform and heal with other women. We have a sacred bond that creates such a divine connection. We share our lives together and empower each other in the most postive way. We also share our talents, wisdom and love with one another as we create life long friendships."
Shari Z.


"Joining the circle has improved my life in countless ways. Just to name a few...It has helped me to solve problems as they arise in a far different way than I would have prior to joining the circle. I enjoy being around like-minded people who are trying to figure out ways to make a big difference in the world. Learning to set aside ego and looking at people in a different light allows one to be more compassionate, understanding, nurturing, sensitive, and loving toward others. Improving our own life and outlook can spread to making a difference in many lives. It's a place to meet and mingle with people who are genuinely interested in helping you improve your life without finding fault or judgment. It's educational, allowing us to cover subjects that aren't usually covered in most organizations." – Naomi C.



"It is very uplifting to be surrounded with like-minded friends. No worries, no judgments, just a safe haven to hang out and be ourselves!"
Denise H.


"The Woman’s Circle has been a wonderful, supportive healing envirionment that has brought me much support, peace and love in the past year.

Although I am new to the circle, I have found the circle events and all the women who attend to be welcoming, nurturing and helpful." -  Christine N.





The Women's Wisdom Circle is open for women in transition, women seeking support on their spiritual path, women undergoing any life changes (separation, restlessness, divorce, job changes, death of a loved one, illness, new interests, projects to celebrate, new relationships, etc.), and all women seeking a safe, nurturing and healing environment in which to share challenges, explore their strengths, and discover, open, and empower their authentic, creative, and loving hearts.

Insight Out holds these gatherings to encourage a continuous flow of hope and a deeper awareness of Divine Feminine principle which is the healing voice of wisdom for all people on Mother Earth. Those in the Wisdom Circle make a commitment to hold and accept the energy of each woman with respect and non-judgment, and to honor and support one another as sisters with the common thread of creativity and love.

Learning to honor ourselves as daughters of Mother Earth, The Women's Wisdom Circle explores various spiritual pathways that can easily be integrated into our daily lives. We might use the 7 Sacred Directions, the chakras, the Elements, and the various stages of a woman's life to guide us along our year journey. Each circle participant and will weave the Divine Feminine Principle with her own compassionate Goddess nature and into the larger collective Global Circle of Women.






If you are interested in joining or would like more information, please call 219-322-5562 or email   linda@insightout-healing.com

The Women's Wisdom Circle



An Ode to Mothers by Linda Rosenthal:

My Ancient Mothers Birthed me at the Beginning of Time.

Shekinah, my Divine Mother, vibrated her presence into the Void

                     and I was first conceived through her Breath.

                                          I became OM.


Tumbling through ions of Sound, my vibrations rumbled onward

                     Swirling into the womb of my next Mother in Ein Sof,

                                The Great White Light.


Then, my Mother, The Light, held me

                     Penetrated me, lifted me and nurtured me

                                into my next Birth, into the Love of

The Universe.


My Mother, Love, gently caressed my Soul into Being and eventually handed me tenderly into the arms

                     Of my next Mother, Divine Wisdom.


Passing along my birthright of Wisdom,

                     my next Mother suspended me in timelessness,

                                Where I rested through ages of

Deep Eternal Peace.


Mother Peace was so still, she birthed me into Pure Contentment,

           Where my next Mother, Happiness, whisked me into form ~

                     And memories were revived of my star sisters

                                In the Pleiades system,

        where I had Many Crystalline Mothers of Powerful Beauty.


And those Mothers seeded me into Gaia,

           Where I incubated in the Molten Earth Womb

                     And was birthed again and again

                                From my Mother’s Fire~

                                          into stones, and mountains. 


From Mother Waters, I rolled into Oceans

                                and trickled into snow melted streams.


Dolphin Mother then birthed me into Joy and Playfulness.

And from the depths of Her waters I was birthed into

The World of the Four Leggeds

           Where I galloped, jumped, leaped,

                     and danced my way over fertile land masses,

                                desert dry bones, and lush forests.


Mother Air swooped me up and taught me how to fly with the            hummingbirds and soar with my sister, The Hawk.


She eased me toward my next Mothers,

           Who implanted new codes for Humanity

                                into my Lemurian cells ~

and birthed me into

the Temple of the Shimmering Blue Waters of Atlantis.


I arose through the sand when my next Mother birthed me

           Into the desert, where she showed me rituals

                     of making Sacred Ground,

           upon which she walked so lightly,

                     her feet never touched a solid foundation ~

and so she taught me how to suspend myself and stay light,

           especially when gravity became too heavy to bear.


And my Mothers forms took many shapes and colors.

           I was born large and had velvet black skin.

           I was born fragile and delicate, into tiny rose colored hands

                     Of Garden Faerie Maidens.


I was born perfect from generation to generation,

           from Mother to Mother.

           Even with all of my deformities and frailties,

My Mothers, all of them, lovingly licked my wounds and carried me to the edge of The New Space ~ where they would send me off

           Into unknown Territory, smiling me onward,

           Encouraging me forward ~

                                into new growth~ into Higher Thoughts~

                     into the Womb and then arms of my next Mother,



And from her, to the One after her, and the One after her,

 and on and on ~ until I awoke for the countless numbered time, into a new womb of an ‘American’ Human woman,

           whose own Mother came from a faraway land called 'Germany'

                                                               on Mother Planet Earth.



And then I was born into this new form of human physicality,

           the one I see reflected back at me in the mirror,

                     yet knowing the Only True Me ~

                                who is completely without this form.


And I knew I was connected to all of them ~

           All of the Mothers ~ all of the forms.

                                All of them.


We all share in the Ancient Mothers Birthing of us ~

                     All of us. 

                                We are of One Source.

We are One with the Divine Mother,

                     Great Birther of All Things.


 ©Linda Rosenthal 2003, 2012



Questions to awaken our awareness of the Divine Feminine within:


  • When & Where did our journey begin? Where are we now? How did we get here? What choices did we make that empowered us or kept us small and afraid? What have we loved so far on our path? When did we hide? What made us shine? Where are we going? How do we feel about our bodies? What is our self image? How do we respect our physical health?
  • How do we appreciate the journey of our early stages as Baby girl. Maiden. Teenager. How do we want to be seen now and in the future? How do we relate to the element of Water?
  • How do we honor our emotional body?
  • How do we celebrate our Fire, our Growth, our Creativity? What is our Passion? How do we honor the stages of Mother. Child bearing woman. Earth Mother. What ceremonies can we share that celebrate our fullness?
  • How do we honor the Masculine? How do we appreciate the 'Yang' in ourselves and in our relationships, especially with the men in our lives? Father. Brother. Uncle. Son. Nephew. Husband. Lover. How do we resist or embrace the Masculine energy around us and within us?  
  • How is Climate Change affecting our Mother Earth? What can we do? How are women helping women around the world? What practices engage us directly with the element of Earth?
  • How do we appreciate our mental body, our intelligence, our wisdom? How do we relate to the element of Air? How does conscious Breathing affect a woman's spiritual journey? How do we re-birth ourselves? How can we witness our Thinking Patterns and make positive changes?
  • How does Our Higher Self speak our Passion into Being? How do we relate to the Wise Woman? The Sage/Crone? The Divine Mother? What does the Goddess have to do with a contemporary woman?





Please contact us at (219)322-5562 or e-mail linda@insightout-healing.com.